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Jennifer Lopez Gets A Helping Hand From Backup Dancers After Bending A Little Too Far During Show

Jennifer Lynn Lopez or more commonly known as JLo is a famous singer, dancer, actress, fashion designer, author, and mother. JLo, who is currently 47 years old, is still a prominent figure in show business and has been doing dance routines for her Las Vegas show for just under a year now. The show which is hosted in the Axis Theater gives fans and supporters an up close, personal and live performance by the one and only Jennifer Lopez.

However, her most recent performance might have resulted in a bit of an injury after going a bit ‘too low.’

The show, which is called ‘All I Have’ is a two-hour performance with multiple costume changes, high energy dancing accompanied with 25 of JLo’s most famous songs. She has been performing the same dance routine for just under a year now at the Las Vegas show. However, on Thursday, it seems she may have sustained an injury after bending a little too far backward.

JLo’s show was the most profitable show in Las Vegas in 2016, recording a whopping 34.6 million dollars. She also broke the record for the biggest night in one single night on The Strip which was previously held by Britney Spears. Read on more to see the video for yourself.

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