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Jeremy Kyle’s Guest Looks Unrecognizable After Undergoing An Amazing Transformation

The Jeremy Kyle Show is a British tabloid talk show. It has been broadcast on ITV since July of 2005 and the talk show has currently surpassed 2,800 episodes. But recently, it was the amazing transformation of one of Jeremy’s guests that led mainstream media to pay attention.

When Gemma Swift first appeared on the show in 2015, many viewers and members of social media poked fun at her features.

The internet decided to ridicule Gemma’s teeth.

Gemma’s teeth look the way they do because she suffered an accident when she was six years old and couldn’t afford surgery to fix her dental situation.

Regardless, people on social media decided to lambaste her appearance. Some trolls on Twitter decide to call her ‘tooth lady.’ When Gemma first appeared on the show, she didn’t think she would generate such a negative reaction online.

Gemma, who hails from Crawley in southern England, said: ‘after the show, my teeth caused a social media meltdown. The abuse was terrible, I just wanted to cry. I actually had a breakdown.’

Since the airing of that episode in 2015, Gemma has undergone a drastic transformation that has left her almost unrecognizable.


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