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JFK Airport Has Been Completely Closed After ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Storm Blasts New York

It’s been one of the more heavy winters this year in terms of precipitation, and it doesn’t seem to be getting much more forgiving. Reaching areas of the United States that haven’t seen snowfall in decades, it has been a rather unusual time of year when it comes to storms. One of the cities that have been hit the hardest this season is New York City, which saw JFK Airport closing completely after a heavy snowstorm.

Known as the ‘bomb cyclone’, this extreme downfall of snow engulfed the New York area, leaving John F. Kennedy Airport, along with La Guardia, temporarily closed. The heavy snow, ice, and harsh winds led to suspended flights, leaving travelers stranded at the airport. Not only were the airports closed down, but schools and government offices too, as the high winds and snow took over the New York skyline. Tens of thousands have been left without power, and thousands of flights have been canceled as a result of the harsh conditions. As the storm intensified throughout the day, snow plows and salt trucks weren’t as lucky, as they had to battle the storm to ensure safe roads and better conditions ahead.

The storm has affected other areas as well, with blizzard warnings from North Carolina to Maine. The National Weather Service forecasted wind strengths of up to 70 miles per hour, which could easily knock out power and tree limbs. In the Boston area, upwards of 30 cm of snow were upon them.

This storm brewed as a result of a “rapid plunge in barometric pressure that some weather forecasters are referring to as bombogenesis or a “bomb cyclone”, which brings “fast, heavy snowfall and high winds.” The hazardous weather has left people home from work and school, and unfortunately even in great danger in some cases.

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