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Jimmy Fallon’s Golden Globes Cold Open Features All Your Favorite Stars And Is Too Funny

Damien Chazelle’s modern musical La La Land swept the 74th Golden Globe Awards, which makes it fitting that the ceremony was opened with a parody of the film. The star-studded cold open hilariously introduced host Jimmy Fallon while cleverly referencing the nominated films and television shows.

Swapping the Los Angeles freeway for a limo-wedged red carpet, Fallon comedically recreated the long take opening scene from La La Land without missing a beat. Joined by the night’s nominees as well as some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, the musical number is jam-packed with quips, nods, and a good dose of satire.


The blink and you might miss them cameos paid tribute to the best in film and television in 2016, including a comical ode to one of the most sympathized character deaths of the year, Barb from Stranger Things. However, the red carpet dance party wasn’t all Fallon had in store to warm up the night.

The La La Land spoof continued as Fallon took to the piano to lampoon the film’s best original song winner, “City of Stars”. Before taking the stage, Fallon was joined by one last celebrity cameo to give him a final pep talk to prepare him for hosting the big night.

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