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Criminologist Claims Jimmy Hoffa Mystery Finally Solved

42 years ago, union leader Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in a Michigan parking lot. According to CBS Detroit, a new theory in regards to Hoffa’s disappearance has been thought up by criminology and criminal justice professor James Buccellato.

Buccellato’s theory is that Hoffa was murdered at a home in Bloomfield Hills near where he disappeared on July 30, 1975. The professor believes that Hoffa was lured away from the parking lot and to a nearby property that belonged to mafia member Carlo Licata.

It was in Licata’s home where Buccellato believes Hoffa was killed. His body was disposed of in a nearby crematorium owned by the mafia or it was taken to a sausage factory. “I don’t want to mention [the funeral home] because it’s still a prominent funeral home on the east side that was once upon a time owned by the mafia,” Buccellato says.

However, Hoffa wasn’t just well-known for his mysterious disappearance, he was making waves long before that as the leader of the Detroit labor union and general activist. Hoffa was also known for his involvement in organized crime, mainly as the leader of Teamsters Union. He used his connections and money to try and seek freedom and power. Instead, this is what’s believed to have brought him down.

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