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Jinger Duggar Defies Her Family’s Rules With ‘Revealing’ New Outfit

Most people are familiar with the Duggar family. They are known for the reality series 19 Kids and Counting which first aired in 2008. The show began when the family only had 17 children, and after having two more, the name was changed to the appropriate number. The large family is known for their religious values and modest attire. So what happens when one of them breaks this rule?


The show focused on the life of of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as well as their massive family. The couple are devout Baptists who avoid birth control, allowing the number of children they have to be determined by God.

As well as practicing religion, and being home schooled, the children’s access to popular entertainment was limited. They were also dressed extremely modestly, with Michelle explaining that they are the second generation of modest dressers in the family. The girls are required to wear long sleeves and skirts, and to keep their hair long and open.

As inspired as Michelle is to keep her family dressing modestly, it’s impossible to impose your beliefs on your children. Some of Michelle’s daughters have been photographed wearing things unorthodox to their household such as snow pants, but Jinger Duggar took it one step further and the internet is losing its mind.

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