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12 Jobs That May Become Obsolete In The Not-Too-Distant Future

It seems like something out of a science fiction book or dystopian novel about the future, but make no mistake, the job market as we know it is bound to completely transform. Some jobs may actually even become obsolete in the future.

We can already start to see many jobs as the target of automation, a term used to describe a process, procedure or task is performed without human assistance. When you weigh the pros and cons, it certainly seems like a pro to have human error or subjectivity taken out of the equation, but what then are we losing as a society when we strip a human element out of how we do things?

Arguments for universal basic human income or livable wages aside, this article is not about discussing the economic downfall of how the workforce may change in the future, rather it is a glimpse into what a future might look like for many of these positions which may grow obsolete.

1) Gas Station Workers: With electric cars becoming more and more popular, the need for gas station workers may soon become less and less. Between theft in poorer areas and the rise in gas prices, the industry may soon shift entirely to clean reusable energy. This means many gas stations may be replaced by “recharging-stations” where you simply drive up, plug in your vehicle then drive off.

2) Pharmacy Workers: Giving out the wrong prescriptions, failure to communicate the appropriate prescriptions and human substance abuse may be more closely monitored if all these tasks are performed by a robot. Yes, believe it or not, the way you receive your prescription drugs may radically be altered in the future. A lot of these types of jobs are the target of automation.

3) Bank Tellers: Bank error in your favor! Collect $200! Well, not anymore! Yes, even bank tellers are subject to losing their positions in the future. After all, it’s hard to rob a bank if it’s run by robots. This may also happen to loan officers, who may not give away loans anymore based on charity. If you don’t make the cut, then you don’t qualify. It’s hard to argue with a faceless machine to give you money.

4) Industry Workers: Car manufacturers, cell phone manufacturers and many different workers in various industries are at risk of being replaced by robotic arms. In 2016, tech company Foxconn replaced 60,000 of its workers with robots. This is happening across the board with many different manufacturing companies, making industry workers the most likely to lose their careers.

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