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John Cena And Nikki Bella Strip Naked On YouTube

Be careful when making promises, especially to a large audience because it’s pretty hard to go back on your word when thousands of people are expecting you to do something. To celebrate The Bella Twins youtube success, Nikki Bella and her husband-to-be John Cena stripped naked on camera and bared it all in celebration of receiving 500,000 followers.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.41.37 PM youtube

The couple posted a video a few days prior at first asking their fans what they thought they should do to celebrate should the channel make it to half a million subscribers. Nikki explained that she wanted to do something really special to celebrate the success and knew that she wanted to include her loved one, John Cena.

She asked her fans to comment what they would want to see the couple do and then said that the goal could be met in a couple days or a couple weeks. That’s when John pipes in saying ‘Like get naked?’ to which Nikki replies ‘Oh my god, yeah. John and I are totally going to get naked!’ to which John replied ‘Wait what?’ before the video ends.

In that moment, John might have been regretting making that comment in the first place, because sure enough within a few days the youtube channel hit the 500,000 mark. Check out the hilarious video on the next page.

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