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New Meme Alert: Classic Clip Of John Travolta And Jamie Lee Curtis Surfaces

John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis get pretty hot and heavy in this classic scene from 1985’s Perfect. This hilarious clip may or may not be the beginning of a new—and much needed—John Travolta meme.

The scene starts off in a workout studio. The workout is being led by a ridiculously fit, young, and beautiful Jamie Lee Curtis. John Travolta is a part of the group doing the workout-dance routine, and he begins busting out a couple of moves while staring at Jamie Lee’s character with a grin on his face.

Jamie Lee Curtis stares right back at him. Soon, the workout routine turns extremely steamy, sweaty, and provocative. Before we know it, Jamie Lee Curtis starts doing a hip thrust. The gym-goers follow her lead, and John and Jamie stare at each other while they dance in extremely erotic positions. The hilarious clip continues, and the dancing positions keep getting even more ridiculous. The scene is so classic 80’s that it’s almost impossible not to laugh and giggle at the overly-sexual moves they are doing.

One thing we know for sure is that Jamie Lee Curtis is absolutely “perfect” in this scene, and John Travolta looks amazing, as 80’s John Travolta usually does.

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