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16 Jokes You Will Definitely Understand If You Are Single


There comes a point in life when you’ve been single for so long that it almost becomes a personal joke. You could spend years questioning if there’s something wrong with you, even wondering if perhaps you smell bad or something.

Friends try to set you up on dates and they tell you you’re attractive. It’s hard to believe them, and there comes a point where you’re almost content being single.

Sure, it can be lonely sometimes, but being single has its perks as well! You’ll save a pretty penny since you won’t be going out on expensive dates and you don’t have to worry about couple presents. Not to mention you have an entire bed to sleep in!

Whether you love or hate being single, you’ll definitely be able to relate to these jokes. Here are 16 jokes that you’ll only understand if you’re single.

1. This person decided to make a joke in 2014, little did they know they were starting the timeline of their single life. They seem a little surprised now that it’s 2017.

2. That annoying moment at every family gathering when a grandmother or aunt asks about the special someone in your life and you have nothing to report.

3. Some people are only single because they don’t realize when people take interest in them. Seriously, some people are really dense and need things spelled out for them.

4. And then there are those who fall victim to their own nerves. It can definitely be difficult to remain composed when you’re a shy person and have a crush.

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