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Jonah Hill’s Weight Loss Journey: Then And Now

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It’s no secret that Jonah Hill has been pretty all over the place with his weight. We remember the comedian as this chubby adorable guy in Super Bad and then losing a significant amount of weight in movies like 21 Jump Street.

Then we also remember him gaining all his weight back in movies like Wolf of Wall Street and War Dogs. But regardless whether or not it was for personal reasons, there’s no denying that Jonah Hill is known for his weight fluctuation.

But recently, Jonah Hill was spotted out and about and we gotta say, he looks the best he has ever looked. At a healthy weight, Jonah is looking great. So let’s look at Jonah Hill’s weight loss journey: then and now.

This photo was taken in May 2017. After gaining 40 pounds for his role in 2015’s War Dogs, Jonah got back in shape.

Jonah hitting the red carpet on January 2017. After shooting War Dogs, Hill asked his 21 Jump Street costar, Channing Tatum, for some fitness tips.

He said on The Tonight Show in August 2016, “I called Channing and said, ‘Hey, if I ate less and go to a trainer, will I get in better shape?”

Hill continued saying, “And he said, “Yes, you dumb, of course you will. It’s the simplest thing in the entire world”

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