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Justin Bieber Just Checked Into A Hospital Due To A Swollen Testicle


According to TMZ, Justin Bieber checked into a hospital after suffering an injury while playing soccer. Apparently, he was hit in the nether regions and the singer thought he had a condition known as testicular torsion whereby a cord is twisted thus cutting off circulation to one testicle.

However, it was later revealed that it was not testicular torsion but it was actually some swelling in the area.

But it isn’t Bieber’s soccer games (and their subsequent injuries) that have garnered our attention, in fact, it is the termination of a nurse that was working there.

Kelly Lombardo is an emergency room worker at the Northwell Health on Long Island and she was terminated because she allegedly looked at Bieber’s confidential medical records.


She has since filed a wrongful termination action lawsuit with the New York Division of Human Rights.

According to Kelly’s lawyer, David H. Rosenberg, Kelly never looked at Bieber’s records and she claims she was fired from her job because of her age and gender.

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Kelly had been working there for more than ten years, and during an interview, her lawyer said: ‘my client was a moral employee who had respect for patient privacy and never accessed Justin Bieber’s file.’

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On behalf of his client, David said that Kelly was working as an emergency room representative at the time and that she was informed by other ‘company representatives’ that Bieber had been admitted under an alias for a treatment ‘for an STD.’

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He continued on by saying: she’s not a nurse, she didn’t believe the information. It sounded like something untruthful.’

It has been alleged that Kelly was later asked to go to a meeting with employees who then accused her of looking at Bieber’s chart.


The lawyer said: ‘she was told generally, ‘you are a young female, you’re not curious about what he was doing in the ER?’ And they fired her.’

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