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Mother’s Dismembered Remains Found Inside Of A Storage Unit After Husband Claims She Died During Childbirth


Justin Rey is a 34-year-old father from Kansas and he was recently found living in a storage container with his two daughters and also with a portable cooler that carried his wife’s dismembered remains. According to People, Justin was found inside of a small storage unit in Lenexa with his two daughters, a toddler and a five-day-old infant.

Authorities discovered the remains of Jessica Monteiro Rey inside of a cooler that was being transported by her husband.

So far, law enforcement officials say no criminal charges have been filed.

Justin was discovered after Lenexa police received a complaint about someone sleeping inside of a storage unit on October 26.


When the officials went to investigate they found Justin there with his two daughters and the portable cooler. Upon closer inspection, police found several pieces of human remains inside of the cooler.


FOX 4 reported that a man who claims he met Justin at a bar in Waldo said he drove Justin to a local train station. But before that, Justin had to stop at his storage unit in order to pick up some of his stuff.


That’s when the anonymous man, who wishes to remain unnamed, said he noticed brown liquid seeping out of Justin’s cooler.


The man claims that as they were about to leave the storage facility, that’s when the police cars pulled up and arrested Justin.

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Justin stated that his wife had died while giving birth in Missouri and he has since been charged with two counts each of endangering a child and contributing to a child’s misconduct.

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Police say that there were no diapers or food available for the girls inside the storage unit at the time of the arrest. He is currently being held on a one million dollar bail and has not yet entered pleas to the charges that he faces.

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At the time of writing, it is unclear whether Justin has retained an attorney who could comment on his behalf.



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