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Kanye West Just Had A Meeting With Donald Trump And Twitter Lost It

On Tuesday, December 13th, American artist Kanye West met up with his buddy Presidect-elect Donald Trump where he was welcomed with open arms for a quick meeting about life. Can we expect to see Kanye running for office in the year 2020? 

 The “Stronger” rapper entered the Trump Tower and went upstairs to have a quick 15 minute meeting with the politician. After the pair finished up, they headed back downstairs into the lobby where the media started snapping photos of the powerful pair. According to the men, they have been friends for a pretty long time.


“We’re just friends, just friends. He’s a good man. Going well. Long time – We’ve been friends for a long time,” Trump said to the cameras. And when asked what the two were talking about upstairs, Trump answered with, “Life, we discussed life.”

But what about #Kanye2020? Will we be seeing the rapper run for presidency in the near future? When asked about whether he would run in the next presidential election, the artist avoided the question by responding with, “I just want you to take my picture right now.” According to TMZ, sources believe that it was West who requested the meeting with the President-elect.

As the two were getting ready to split, they went in for a quick hug and Trump gave a parting message to his longtime friend, saying, “Man, you take care of yourself. I’ll see you soon.” This statement was a reference to Kanye’s recent hospitalization.  

 Kanye entered the Trump Tower alongside a group of friends including his mother-in-law’s boyfriend at around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning. In addition to meeting with the business tycoon, West also got the opportunity to meet Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

After news of the story broke, people on Twitter were freaking out over their meeting with most users assuming that the meeting was regarding future politics. Others believe that Trump’s team could be looking for potential performers for the inauguration on January 20th. The two may be friends now but maybe we’ll see them as opponents in about 4 years.


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