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Kate Responds To ‘Perfect Princess’ Compliment With These 4 Words

Last week, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince Harry landed in Warsaw for their second Poland tour. They landed at the Warsaw airport on a Monday morning along with Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

Once they arrived at the presidential palace, a crowd of adoring Polish fans awaited them. Some had signs and flowers for Kate and William, others brought books and posters for them to sign. Overall, it’s estimated that a total of one thousand people gathered outside to greet them.

But what grabbed our attention was Kate’s comment to one of the adoring fans. Kate appeared as stylish as ever; in an all white Alexander McQueen dress with a peplum skirt and nude heels. So, naturally, many of the people gathered there had a lot of praise for the Duchess. ‘We were telling her that she is beautiful and perfect,’ said Magda Mordaka, a 21-year-old self-proclaimed British monarchy fan, ‘but she said: ‘It’s not true—it’s just the makeup.’’

It’s unusual for a Royal to be so candid about the perfect image they work so hard to create. Kate and William travel with a personal maintenance entourage that includes a nanny, a hairdresser, and a personal assistant. Her hairdresser, Amanda Tucker, usually tags along during their international tours.

This tour was significant not just because of Kate Middleton’s outfits, but also because it was seen as a Brexit diplomacy tour. These European tours are a symbolic way of strengthening and maintaining the UK’s relations with Europe as it leaves the EU.

This might be one of the last few tours that Charlotte and George can attend before their schooling gets in the way of traveling. George will be starting school this September at Thomas’s Battersea school and Charlotte will be enrolled in a nursery.

Kate and William’s Poland itinerary included a visit to the Stutthof concentration and death camp, where the Nazis killed 65,000 prisoners. During their visit, they met with two survivors of the concentration camp; Manfred Goldberg and Zigi Shipper.

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