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Kate Middleton Just Paid Tribute to Princess Diana And It’s Beautiful

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When it comes to fashion you can bet that Kate Middleton will always deliver. She has a way of dressing that is always a mix between classy, elegant and stylish. Every woman, regardless of their age, looks up to Kate and her style.

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge has been making headlines for something other than her stunning dress at a royal event. The royal family attended a dinner that was held in honor of Spanish King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia this past Wednesday.

According to Reader’s Digest, over 1,000 people from 130 countries attended the dinner and all eyes were on Middleton; for a very good reason. The Duchess looked beautiful wearing Princess Diana’s favorite tiara to the event along with matching earrings.

Reader’s Digest notes that the tiara, which is more than a century old, is part of the family’s private collection.

Some of you may remember Princess Diana wearing the tiara when she was married to Prince Charles.

We’ve seen how it looks when a blonde wears it, and now it’s safe to say that a brunette can rock it just as well as we can see on Kate’s head.

The tiara’s name is the Cambridge Lover’s Knot and it’s not the first time the Duchess of Cambridge has matched her late mother-in-law’s iconic style.   

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