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Kate Upton Performing ‘Baby One More Time’ Might Be Better Than Britney’s Original Video

Britney Spears’ debut single “…Baby One More Time” solidified its place as having one of the most influential music videos in the history of pop music. Spears’ iconic schoolgirl outfit and braided pigtails alongside the dream sequence dance numbers quickly became a staple of the late 90s pop culture zeitgeist.

1 YouTube / Lip Sync Battle on Spike

The video has been subjected to numerous parodies and reenactments. The latest person to don the fluffy scrunchies and knee-high socks is none other than model Kate Upton. The “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” regular stopped by Spike’s “Lip Sync Battle” to give a raunchy rendition of the 1998 chart topper.

“Lip Sync Battle,” developed from Jimmy Fallon’s hit late night segment, pits two celebrities against each other as they take the stage and perform two songs, complete with costumes and dance moves. Just from Upton’s one song preview, it’s safe to say that she set a high bar and brought some serious heat.

Upton did not hold back with her performance while rival of the night, Ricky Martin, watched from the sidelines. Taking on Spears’ classic choreography, Upton’s battle number spiced things up by throwing in some provocative floor crawling and writhing, which even had the hosts’ jaws hit the floor. Good luck Ricky!

YouTube / Lip Sync Battle on Spike

While Upton brought Ricky Martin back to school with her throwback beat, it looks like he’s also playing up the nostalgia angle. Briefly seen wearing nothing but a dress shirt and socks, Martin looks to be channeling 80s Tom Cruise a la “Risky Business.”

In a “Lip Sync Battle” preshow interview, Kate Upton had some words for her competitor, stating, “Ricky, I had a cameo in a movie too so you don’t have that on me.”

Fans will have to see which competitor comes out on top when the full episode of “Lip Sync Battle” airs on Spike. However, considering the millions of views Upton’s preview alone has received, she seems to be generating most of the attention.


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