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Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Are Ready To Make Their Relationship Public


Relationships and marriages hardly last as long as they used to anymore. With divorce rates ranging from 40 to 50 percent in the United States, it is quite common to see one person jump from partner to partner or go through consecutive divorces. But now imagine your relationship with your partner blasted to the public under the glaring bright lights of Hollywood.

For celebrities, it is even more difficult to maintain a healthy and functioning relationship since they spend so much time away from home shooting films. On top of that, they are constantly under the microscope that is the paparazzi’s cameras.

But for couple Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, they seem to be ready to take the next step and embrace this public spotlight.

Although the pair has been discreetly dating since back in 2013, it seems they are ready to ‘go public.’

16789861_965571513578299_204780974066630656_nJamie Foxx

A source near to the couple has told a magazine that the two have been exclusively seeing each other for some time now and that they are done keeping it quiet.

16583591_1257053527712657_2516682090485907456_nJamie Foxx

The source also went on to state that Katie has long been concerned about the public spotlight. They said that Katie ‘used to be super worried about public attention.’

16583593_266952500385460_3404233903928508416_nJamie Foxx

Combining sneakiness with tinted windows and private assistants, the two have managed to stay away from front covers and video clips.

16122847_235349830248409_3702386251534434304_n(1)Jamie Foxx

A second insider described the tactics used to stay away from the spotlight. ‘To make it impossible to get photo evidence that they are together, they traveled in cars with tinted windows and took secret back elevators, they had it down to a science.’

17881119_1878510309027841_6031513717273788416_nKatie Holmes

Jamie Foxx, who is 49 years old, along with Katie, who is 38, conducted ‘elaborately planned meetings’ in order to avoid the paparazzi.

17934640_1971976213031170_3458478688041959424_nKatie Holmes

Jamie lives in Los Angeles while Katie spends her time between Los Angeles and New York City with her 10-year-old daughter Suri.

18011500_149570368908305_6658756595222052864_nKatie Holmes

Katie was previously married to Tom Cruise between 2006 and 2012, and the two have share one daughter, little Suri Cruise.

17881427_439837226363660_8090324797625466880_n Katie Holmes

Previously, the pair has been spotted spending New Year’s Eve together in Miami and also performing at the 4th Annual Apollo in the Hampton’s Benefit.


Furthermore, near the end of 2013, the celebrity couple were seen well past midnight ‘holding hands while walking near the pool’ towards the hotel and its members-only club.

15803052_192908261182600_8331992771896279040_nJamie Foxx

What is just as adorable is the stamp of approval given by Suri. Katie’s daughter is well aware of Katie and Jamie’s relationship and it seems like they are getting ‘very serious.’

16110337_1199457846802516_3972089225397927936_nJamie Foxx

Earlier this month the two were seen dining out in the open at an NYC restaurant.

16110718_633175563533465_4699715801270190080_nJamie Foxx

A friend of the power couple has stated that there is ‘more to come.’ In an interview, they said that ‘they are going to go out to dinner more and are talking about a trip to Europe.’

17333898_206140276538615_3645817653890646016_nKatie Holmes

The source also said that now, ‘Katie is tired of playing the hiding game’ and is ready to embrace the public’s attention.

17438531_133204857212822_7823970425079070720_nKatie Holmes

The source continued on by saying that one weekend Jamie took Katie on a quick weekend trip where the pair stayed at one of the most private suites at the Las Ventanas al Paraiso Resort.

17437533_1433017333671698_960784987274084352_nKatie Holmes

“They wanted to be very discreet and had everything delivered to their room and taken care of by a personal butler.”

17881020_801968613283682_3997963839260852224_nKatie Holmes


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