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It Looks Like That Kid Who Gets Bullied At School Might Have A Racist Mother

On December 8th, Kimberly Jones posted a video of her son, Keaton, crying and detailing his experiences being bullied at school. The video went viral, and celebrities from Chris Evans to Mark Hamill reacted with sympathy. Now, new details about the Keaton Jones video have emerged, and people are asking: is Kimberly Jones a racist?

After the Keaton Jones video went viral, people began looking into the family’s social media accounts. What turned up certainly seemed to taint the touching viral bullying video. A Facebook page allegedly belonging to Kimberly Jones appeared to criticize Americans who spoke negatively about the Confederate flag. The posts also criticized NFL star Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem.

People on social media were further outraged when a photo of Keaton and his siblings turned up on sister Lakyn’s Twitter feed. The photo shows Keaton and another young boy holding American and Confederate flags, respectively. After celebrity invitations and a GoFundMe page garnering almost $60,000, the Keaton Jones video had suddenly taken on an ugly side.

The photos and Facebook posts that have surfaced had people labeling Kimberly Jones a racist, however, it is inconclusive as to whether the account actually belongs to Kimberly. Since the backlash to the viral bullying video, Kimberly has set her social media pages to private. Further digging, however, has unearthed disturbing information regarding Keaton’s father Shawn White.

Keaton’s father Shawn White, who is currently incarcerated for probation violation, posted a number of white power messages and memes on his social media accounts. Photos of White also show he has tattoos reading “white pride” and “pure breed.” Unfortunately, the Keaton Jones video and the circumstances surrounding it seem to get murkier every day.

Keaton’s principal, Greg Clay, said he was not aware that any bullying was going on. Clay also stated the incident in question was resolved. In addition, the person who originally tweeted about Kimberly after the release of the viral bullying video also alleged that Keaton was calling a classmate a racial slur, which is why he was being “bullied.”

The GoFundMe page which was set up for Kimberly Jones has since been put on hold. Joseph Lam, who set up the page, did not provide a reason for pausing donations. Despite the behavior of Keaton’s parents, people across social media seem to agree that a child should not be held responsible for their parents‘ beliefs.

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