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Keke Wyatt Posts ‘Controversial’ Breastfeeding Pic, Sparking A Debate

Ke’Tara Shavon “Keke” Wyatt is a popular American R&B singer. The 35-year-old recently gave birth to her ninth child with her husband, Michael Jamar. Despite their turbulent relationship, the pair has just welcomed their ninth child, Kendall. She went on her Instagram, where she has over 900,000 followers, to share a picture of herself breastfeeding.

So far the picture has accumulated more than 126,000 likes and thousands upon thousands of comments.

Some fans commented on the beauty of motherhood displayed in the picture while others lambasted the mother of nine for being ‘exposed.’

She posted the picture with the caption: ‘got caught in mommy mode. Lol!! I love my babies! Kendall. #9’


Her picture stirred up a frenzy on the internet, many commenters were arguing on whether or not it was appropriate to breastfeed in public.


Some people just wrote ‘beautiful’ and ‘lovely picture’ but others were more in-depth in their defense of Keke.


‘Why do people feel the need to tell breastfeeding moms they don’t want to see them feeding their babies? It’s natural, normal and serves the purpose of sustaining life. Why is it so private? Eating is a social event. Oh, it’s because of the partially exposed breast… Get outta here with that mess.’


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