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Watch Kelly Clarkson Completely Lose It On The Globes Red Carpet

Kelly Clarkson freaking out over meeting Meryl Streep at the 2018 Golden Globes is all of us! It’s just another reason why we love the pop singer.

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The Since You’ve Been Gone singer almost gave Ryan Seacrest a heart attack during an interview when she started fangirling over the legendary Meryl Streep. Clarkson was just wrapping up her E! interview and headed down the stairs when she reacted so unexpectedly that Seacrest was convinced she tripped! The interviewer held on tight to the singer who screamed “Meryl! That’s Meryl!” after turning around to see none other than Ms. Meryl Streep in the flesh.

Seacrest asked her “What happened?” as Clarkson began to panic. After discovering she didn’t almost fall and was just excited to meet an actress she idolized Seacrest admitted, “My heart just dropped. I thought you tripped down the stairs.”

But Kelly Clarkson was all about Meryl Streep at this point and ditched Seacrest to get closer to her hero. Once Meryl realized Clarkson was freaking out over her (which is probably nothing new for the Hollywood icon), the singer shrieked at Meryl: “Oh my God, can I meet you? I AM SUCH A FAN, I’ve adored you since I was like eight!”

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Clarkson descended down the steep stairs, holding up her ballgown dress as Seacrest nervously led her to safety at the bottom step. Meryl was all smiles as the excited pop singer approached her for a hug. Not only did Clarkson get to hug Meryl Streep, but Meryl gave her a kiss on the cheek and even held her face in the palm of her hand!

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Can you blame Clarkson for losing her mind over that? The camera then cuts their audio, but you can still see the two of them holding hands and Clarkson continuing to talk to Streep excitedly. The whole exchange is rather adorable.

Watch the video below to see the incredibly relatable moment!

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