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16 Priceless Comments From Ken M, The World’s Greatest Internet Troll

Starting in 2011, someone named Ken M began posting comments on various websites around the internet. This created some hilarious comment threads, but the whole thing seemed confusing to people. These Ken M comments didn’t seem to be anywhere close to how real people think or talk about things. Over time, Ken M became known as the world’s best internet troll.

The Ken M character is actually a creation of Kenneth McCarthy, a Florida-based comedy writer. McCarthy worked as a copywriter for Comedy Central and was also a columnist on the website College Humor. McCarthy started leaving his famous Ken M comments when he realized how negative most comment spaces were.

“I was appalled by the Yahoo comment section,” McCarthy told Upvoted. He has since stopped writing his College Humor column but continues to leave Ken M comments on websites for the sheer fun of it. There are still some websites he prefers to avoid, though. “I tried it with Fox News, but that group is such a furious wasp nest,” McCarthy told Upvoted.

1. Ken M has some complicated politics, but above all else, he’s a devoted Christian. He’s never shy about sharing his religious beliefs with others in his comments.

2. Ken M also knows how to shut down his critics. The disagreements and arguments he has with his fellow commenters make for the most hilarious comment threads.

3. Sometimes companies will hear from Ken M on their Facebook pages. The discussions he has with these brands are just part of why Ken M is the world’s best internet troll.

4. Despite being mostly hilarious, sometimes the comments from Ken M hit really close to home. Is it really so bad that he just wants to spend more time with the grandkids?

5. Ken M has a lot of stories to share. Sometimes they’re pretty impressive, but most of the time they’re not. However, they always seem to have a satisfying ending (sort of).

6. The logic that Ken M displays in his legendary comments is often hard to argue with. However, that mostly comes from the fact that what he says makes no sense.

7. It seems that Ken M can be any age that Kenneth McCarthy needs him to be to make the jokes work. Here, Ken M shares his thoughts on responsible parenting.

8. When it comes to food, Ken M has some weird ideas. Luckily, he always consults the company for advice on how to properly prepare their product, even offering helpful advice.

9. Sometimes the hilarious comment threads arise when Ken M is just trying to be helpful. Sure, he’s being helpful in his own ridiculous way, but at least he’s trying!

10. What makes the Ken M comments so much funnier is the way people react to them. Here, people just can’t seem to wrap their heads around Ken M’s logic.

11. Here, Ken M once again tries to offer some helpful tips to other internet commenters. His understanding of the law is less than helpful, however.

12. Ken M is always willing to share his thoughts on national issues as well. His weirdly controversial comments are what makes him the best internet troll out there.

13. Despite his somewhat conservative-leaning political attitude, Ken M is also a pretty forward-thinking guy. He’s also smart enough to talk in circles around everyone else.

14. The best Ken M comments set someone else up to take the bait and then deliver a hilarious punchline. This is why Ken M is so famous (or infamous).

15. Even though Ken M sometimes provokes the other people in the comment section, he’s at least willing to listen to their advice when he feels so inclined.

16. Above all else, Ken M is an honest man. This is why Time named him one of the most influential people on the internet in 2016.


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