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Kendall Jenner Went Paddleboarding On Her Own Just Minding Her Own Business


Everyone is familiar with Kendall Jenner and her famous family. They’re all about business and fashion, but they also know how to have a good time. What some of you might not have known is how much the Jenners and especially Kylie like the water.

Recently, while relaxing on a yacht with her sister Kourtney and her boyfriend Younes Bendjima, the sisters were seen enjoying some splash time. When the lovebirds were enjoying some sun and kisses, Kendall decided to get her own relaxation time and paddled off on a paddle board.

Equipped with a drink and a light cardigan, it’s pretty obvious that she wasn’t planning on falling in. She must be pretty confident on that thing.

Check out the hilarious photos of Kendall floating along on her own, not caring at all about her sister’s PDA.

When most people think of Kendall Jenner on a boat, they might picture something like this. A cute bathing suit, accessories, and a matching pool floaty.  

Or maybe sitting and reflecting at the end of an expensive yacht. Completely dry and taking Instagram selfies.  

Kendall and her sisters enjoy posing in cute bathing suits and taking selfies. But that’s not the only thing that they’re up to on the water.

k7 instagram

Same siblings. It isn’t always poses and bikinis, sometimes it’s goggles, life jackets, and a few feet of air on a jet ski. Look at Kendall go.

Kendall has been paddleboarding with friends and family since she was a teenager. She paddles and poses, hanging out at beaches in the Hamptons and Malibu.

Usually, she has someone along with her for her paddleboarding adventures, but the other day when she was hanging out with her sister she decided to get some quiet time.

While Kourtney and her boo Younes were sunbathing, and Younes cooled off in the yacht’s shower, Kendall looks slightly bored on the couch.

When the lovebirds decided to share some kisses and selfie time off to the side, Kendall had other plans in mind.

So she grabbed a drink from Kourtney and off she went. You can see Kylie in the background wearing a blue bikini.

She must be a pretty skilled paddleboarder if she’s that confident that she won’t tip off. Looks like she’s about to rest her drink down as well.

Doesn’t that look relaxing? She totally has the right idea for hanging out by the sea. All she needs now is a novel in a Ziplock bag. Or maybe not with her paddling skills.

Although paddleboarding is clearly a preferred hobby of Kendall’s, nothing beats sunbathing with the siblings.


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