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Kevin Hart’s Sex Tape Partner Says She Is A Victim And Is Going To The Cops


Montia Sabbag is the woman in the center of Kevin Hart’s recent extortion scandal. A video surfaced of the 38-year-old comedian and the 27-year-old woman at Marquee nightclub in Vegas. It has been alleged by TMZ that the Long Beach resident is a ‘freelance stripper’ but Montia has denied those allegations in a press conference.

Appearing alongside her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, Montia said that she was a ‘recording artist and an actor’ despite having zero IMDb credits.

Her lawyer said that Montia was ‘the victim of multiple felonies under state and federal law.’

According to TMZ, the FBI is already aware of the identity of the female extortionist who demanded 10 million dollars in exchange for the video.


In the press conference, Montia could be heard saying: ‘I am not an extortionist. I had nothing to do with these recordings.’


Admitting that she did have ‘an intimate relationship’ with Kevin Hart she denied any allegations about her previous lawyer demanding over $400,000 to take a lie detector test.


Montia also said that law enforcement officials have not contacted her but she, along with her lawyer, are going straight to the station to address these issues.


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