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Parents Get Surprised By Their Kid’s Halloween Costume Idea And Now Everyone Is Crying

When kids are allowed to pick their own Halloween costumes, usually they pick fictional heroes or characters from stories they love. That includes anything from princesses to superheroes. However, one kid exists outside this norm. He and his mom walked out of two Halloween costume stores empty-handed because he didn’t want to be any of the characters.

Imgur user BScribbs shared her family’s story. Her son eventually ended up with the perfect Halloween costume on the 31st of October, a costume that warmed the hearts of everyone who saw him. The kid dressed up as his dad on Halloween. She says, “No one knew what my son was for Halloween and he didn’t care.”

After checking the Halloween stores and not finding anything that pleases him she says, “Finally, Sunday night I just told him to pick his FAVOURITE HERO and I’d make the costume the next day. His eyes lit up and he yelled ‘Dad!’” What a cute costume idea! So there you have it, on October 31st the kid dressed up as his dad on Halloween.

The Imgur user adds, “His dad works long hours and rarely gets a day off. He runs a kitchen in a restaurant and comes home greasy, stinky, and exhausted every night. He works really hard to take care of his family.”

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