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Kid Drinking Wine On Live TV Is Hilarious Winner Of U.S. Election

The 2016 election is definitely an event that’s going into the history books. People all over the country were freaking out over who was going to become the next president and it seems like some people might have been too preoccupied to watch their kids. While the world was eagerly watching their television screens, this kid took this as an opportunity to get a little crazy. 

 Whether you are a democrat or a republican, the elections was a stressful time. In order to get through the year, you may have had to crack open a bottle of wine (or two). However, this alcoholic drink is just for the adults. Sorry kids, but you’re going to need to find an alternative way to drink through the pain.



While everyone was frantically running around at this political event, one kid used this chaotic environment as an opportunity to get lit. The unidentified child is seen casually standing by himself in front of a table while the rest of the people around him are freaking out over the future of America.

The sneaky kid casually looks around before taking a sip of the red wine sitting in front of him. It’s basically like adult grape juice anyways, right? The hilarious clip was captured by NBC Chicago’s cameras when they were filming live during the vote count. This kid thought he was going to get away with this but little did he know, he was being filmed the whole time!

The footage has been uploaded online and people are now calling him “America’s spirit animal.” We feel you, dude. Sometimes you just have to kick back and drink up! However, you’re going to have to wait about 10 more years before you can drink this stuff legally. 

 But this kid isn’t the only hilarious person in the short clip. People are also loving the woman in the background who appears to be having the time of her life.

Even though this kid is definitely not old enough to drink, everyone seems to be totally okay with his actions given the circumstances. We’ll let this one slide, but maybe you might want to grab a root beer the next time you attend a political event.


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