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A Kid Jumped Into A Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank, And It Ended Very Badly

The internet is full of dubious trends and challenges that teenagers get obsessed with and then forget about. There was planking a few years back, coning, and several other challenges that were mostly dumb.

One of the latest internet trends that seem to be more disruptive and dangerous than funny and entertaining sent one boy to the hospital after he cracked his skull open attempting this latest internet stunt.

The challenge involves recording yourself jumping into a large pond or fish tank that can be found at most Bass Pro Shops. When this Colorado teen jumped from the 30-foot ledge on Saturday, he ended up going viral. Why anyone would even want to jump into a giant fish tank is past me. They really don’t smell that great.

The silly challenge is now catching the attention of Denver Police, and the teen may even face charges for his prank. Some customers don’t feel that the teen deserves to be punished that severely, considering he’s already suffered an injury but others, as well as Bass Pro Shops, don’t agree. A spokesperson from Bass Pro Shops says that the company plans on prosecuting the teen to the full extent of the law, despite the various other videos of teens doing the same challenge.

Though it’s hard to say whether this is the same kid who cracked his skull open, it definitely does look like he got pretty close to the ledge and slammed down hard. But with the dozens of videos of this challenge floating through the internet, it’s hard to say for sure.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 2.59.05 PM youtube

Starting at the top of the 30-foot drop, this teen drops his jacket and makes a run for it over the artificial cliff before splashing into the water down below. Customers watch in shock and step back from the large splashes he created as he quickly pulls himself up and out of the tanks and hobbles off.

Many shoppers agree that this is a pretty dumb challenge. ‘You should have the level of mental development to understand hey, this is not a good idea,’ one customer said. Regardless, people are still attempting this challenge and posting it to Youtube. Hopefully, no one gets seriously hurt or it will result in the closure of the fish tanks which bring in 120 million visitors per year. Here’s hoping this trend dies out soon.


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