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4-Year-Old Shot In Head After Alleged Road Rage Incident

A four-year-old boy is currently in stable condition after being shot in the head during a road rage incident in Cleveland. Police have said that this happened while a mother, Cecilia Hill, was driving with her 4-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter.

The incident began when Hill honked her horn at another car that was blocking the road. That car allegedly followed the mother onto the freeway and fired shots into her car with a gun, striking the four-year-old named Carter Hill. Hill then exited the freeway and called emergency services in hopes of saving her child’s life.

According to police, the bullet did not penetrate the young child’s brain but he was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. He recently underwent surgery to remove bullet fragments and is set to fully recover. Carter’s 7-year-old sister luckily only suffered minor injuries from broken glass. As it stands, no arrests have currently been made. Hill did not know the men in the car.

The suspects were driving a white 4-door Pontiac with tinted windows and police say they are on the lookout for two black men. “They fired multiple shots—more than ten at her vehicle—the vehicle was hit multiple times,” Cleveland Police Detective Jennifer Ciaccia told reporters.

Ciaccia is encouraging anyone who may have information about the incident to contact police. “We also need to remember that these individuals are still out there,” she said. “It’s pretty obvious that they’re violent and that they do not have much regard for human life since they were firing at a vehicle that was moving.” Ciaccia says the suspects should be considered armed and dangerous.

Police are still unsure of the motivation behind the incident and aren’t ready to classify it as a road rage incident which has had a polarizing effect on the public. “It’s possible,” Ciaccia said in regards to it being a road rage incident before adding, “it’s also just as possible that it’s in connection with something else. The investigation is underway.”

Those within the community who are following the story believe that the police are being unfair by expending resources to see if Hill has any connections with the suspects after she’s already made it clear that she did not know them. Fortunately, little Carter Hill is set to make a full recovery and should be released from the hospital soon.

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