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16 Kids Who Cut Their Own Hair With Hilariously Disastrous Results


You can childproof your home all you want but somehow kids still manage to find a pair of scissors while unattended. Almost instinctively, the first thing scissor-wielding kids will do is give themselves an impromptu haircut.

It’s almost like a rite of passage to hack away aimlessly at your own hair. The aftermath makes for a solid embarrassing family album entry to show future significant others.

Here are 16 kids who got a little too snip-happy while cutting their own hair and ended up with hilariously disastrous results.

1. It’s quite an unforgettable moment as a parent to see your child for the first time with their new hairdo. Looks like this little girl, who decided to try out a reverse mohawk, will be embracing a deep side-part for some time to come.

2. Kids are rarely patient beings, which makes it no surprise that instead of waiting for bangs to grow out, most kids will just try to make them disappear completely.

3. Sometimes the desire to embrace baldness is influenced by the parental unit. “He wanted his hair to match his daddy’s,” Natalie LeBaron wrote on Facebook. “I found him in the playroom with my peanut trimmers cutting off all his pretty red hair!”

2 |

4. This kid attempted a mohawk but took an unfortunately inverted approach and ended up with a very spacious hair part.

4 |

5. Is there any child whose attempt at self-grooming actually turned out alright? “My son Jackson (6yrs old) shaved his eyebrow right before picture day with his dad’s nose hair trimmers,” Kelly Keefe-Taylor wrote on Facebook.

5 |

6. Erica Robinson shared this picture of her brother’s DIY ‘do, writing, “When your 5-year-old brother cut his own hair because he said he wants to look crispy for the girls.”

7. The scissors hadn’t even left this little girl’s hands before the regret and shame kicked into high gear. Time to stock up on some thick headbands.

haircut |

8. At least these siblings are in this one together although one looks more content with their new bangs than the other.

8 |

9. Jennifer Dominguez recalled her experience on Facebook, writing, “We get home, I go into the kitchen to finish cooking dinner about 5 mins later he comes downstairs so happy and excited and exclaims, ‘Mom, do you like my nice new hair cut?’ I almost had a heart attack.”

9 |

10. For whatever reason, kids tend to go straight for the top of their head to start trimming away, which of course is the most unsalvageable approach.

11. You can’t leave anything out unattended. This mom wrote, “My husband had trimmed his beard and left the buzzers on the bathroom sink! Big mistake!!”

12. It’s hard to imagine just what look these kids thought or attempted to go for, but you have to appreciate that this kid went all out for his new look, including marker all over his face.

13. Hairdressers are no strangers to fixing kids’ attempts at doing their job, but when they get too snip-happy there’s only so much one can do.

14. “His older brother thought this was funny,” This dad wrote on Reddit alongside his haircut of shame photo. “His father does too!”

15. “My daughter gave herself this haircut last week,” Stephanie Klindt Cook wrote on Facebook. “I about died. She proudly declared that she cut it like Caillou.”

15 |

16. “My kid decided to trim his eyebrows. When he cut them too short he decided to cut hair from his head and glue it to his eyebrows. He immediately regretted his decision,” one dad wrote on Reddit.


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