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16 Kids Who’ve Already Worked Out How To Get Through Life


Growing up can be pretty challenging, and being a kid has its ups and downs. However, once they get the hang of things, it’s not too long before they start developing a personality and working their way through life.

Some kids enjoy playing sports or hanging out at the park, others may like to read or draw pictures. And then there are some kids who are way ahead of the game.

From young entrepreneurs to young kids who are already fed up with the trials and turbulences of the world. With the internet at their fingertips, it’s no wonder they’re becoming so innovative.

Here are 16 kids who have already worked out how to get through life.

1. The works of a 4-year-old who isn’t quite hungry enough to finish his whole pizza but still doesn’t want to share.

2. What happens when you do your 6-year-old niece’s makeup and then ask her to do yours in return.

3. This mom’s 3-year-old accidentally unraveled the toilet paper and this was how he ‘fixed’ it. At least he did his very best.

4. Looks like an ordinary day at a city square. That is until you spot the kid scuba diving in the fountain. Maybe he’s training to be an Olympic swimmer.

5. This guy is going places. He dressed up in full cosplay as his mom and tried to get his cellphone back after it was confiscated at his school.

6. Check out the brutal card this daughter gave to her mother. That’s pretty morbid for an eleven-year-old.

7. This dude was eating skittles on a plane. As he finished them this kid asked for some. When he told him it was empty the kid proceeded to stare at him like this for the entire flight.

8. A mom noticed that her end table had been broken and when she asked her 5-year-old what happened her response was ‘I’m pretty sure it was always like that.’

9. This aunt brought a cake in for her nephew’s birthday and his response? ‘What for? I don’t like any of these kids.’ The look on his face is priceless.

10. This kid put apple Japanese Hi-Chews into his cereal because I guess that kind of counts as fruit?

11. Looks like this kid is really interested in those potatoes. So much so that he’s holding up his own weight off the counter just to look at them.

12. This kid is a future comedian. They actually compared their sibling to a squawking parrot. I wonder if they get along or not.

13. When this mom let her 3-year-old make her own dinner, this was the result. It’s candy corn sprinkled on top of the pizza. Culinary genius. 

14. He hacked the system. This guy isn’t allowed to use his electronics in the kitchen and isn’t allowed to eat in the TV room. This is the ultimate compromise.

15. Wow, this kid is super smooth. He’s got one girl with an arm wrapped around him but he’s secretly holding the hand of another one. I don’t know if that’s a good trait to have or a bad one but he’s going places.

16. World’s youngest businessman! He’s even got different options for his customers to choose from. Talk about a deluxe lemonade stand.


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