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This Is Why Kim Kardashian West Is Using A Surrogate


Now, I have to admit that I don’t actually watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, nor do I follow their every move. I’m not a ride or die for Kylie Cosmetics, and I definitely cannot afford Good American jeans.

Despite this, I somehow wind up knowing a lot about the Kardashian’s, probably because they’re everywhere. Naturally, I assumed that everyone was privy to the same knowledge I was, but I understand not everyone spends their life scrolling away on Tumblr.

Anyway, as most people know, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are using a surrogate for their next child. For some reason, the Internet is upset about this (as usual). There’s a rumor going around that Kardashian is only using a surrogate to keep her body in shape and not for the “normal” reasons a woman would use a surrogate.

This is especially odd when you consider that the reality TV star has carried two children already and dealt with everyone’s harsh criticism of her pregnant body. And yet, people still assume the worst. Who knows where this rumor even came from. Though it’s not difficult to imagine how easily it spread.

All it really takes is one conspiracy theorist for everyone to latch on.

Of course, you have people who don’t want to believe it’s true, but somehow you fall into the hype anyway

But, no, friends! It isn’t true. In fact, Kim loves being pregnant and would do it again if she could.


Kim is pretty candid and she’s never hidden the reality of her situation. Plus, her first pregnancy was so broadcast that there were even memes about it. Cruel ones too.

Kim4 Tumblr

I’m pretty certain that it’s hard enough to be an average, everyday pregnant woman in this judgmental society, but imagine if you literally could never get out of the public eye?

And I know that Kim could leave the public eye if she wanted to, and I know that when you put yourself out there the way she has people are going to say what they want but still.

The thing is, Kim isn’t deserving of these accusations and comments claiming that she doesn’t want to be pregnant for selfish reasons. In fact, her last two pregnancies were extremely hard on her body.

Despite all the fat shaming, Kim had actually gained more weight than a typical pregnant woman because she had undiagnosed preeclampsia (which is an abnormally high blood pressure, paired with fluid retention). This led to toxemia, or blood poisoning by bacteria, and an earlier birth than scheduled.

As if dealing with preeclampsia wasn’t hard enough, Kim also had a condition called placenta accreta, in which the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall. It can be life threatening.


The condition required Kim’s doctor to have to manually remove the placenta with his hands as there was no way she could “birth” it. She also had to undergo surgery to “clean out” her uterus so that she could have Saint.


This was the first time that the possibility of a surrogate came up, but Kim decided she wanted to carry on by herself.

It took two years of round trips to the doctor at 5 AM almost every day just to get pregnant with Saint two years later.

Her second pregnancy was much easier on her body this time around, but unfortunately the same could not be said for her delivery.

Kim did get placenta accreta again and it took two hours out of her delivery time to stabilize her due to blood loss. An emergency hysterectomy was considered but ultimately wasn’t necessary. In the end, though, Kim wound up with a hole in her uterus.

Having a third child would be very risky for Kim. There’s a 30% chance she’d get preeclampsia again and she would most definitely suffer from placenta accreta. As “momager” Kris pointed out, it would be likely that Kim would die during childbirth. Kim’s doctor agreed.

In the end, Kim decided to hold off on a third baby, fearing that surrogacy would somehow break the bond between her and her child. She decided to have another baby after the Paris incident.

After Paris, Kim went to get surgery to repair the hole in her uterus, but unfortunately, the surgery didn’t take and she wound up frustrated.

In late 2016, she began to seriously consider using a surrogate again and seven months later it seems she may have found one.

So, now that you know why Kim Kardashian needs a surrogate, let’s all stop judging her, yes? Besides, what Kim Kardashian does with her money really shouldn’t be such a controversial topic.

All that really matters is that yet another adorable baby will be entering this world and new life is always worth being happy about, right?


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