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Hollywood Icon Kirk Douglas Celebrates 101st Birthday And Even Gets Up To Greet His Guests

Kirk Douglas Celebrates Birthday

Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas celebrated his 101st birthday and even got up to greet his guests! Best known for his role in Spartacus (1960), he just celebrated his 101st birthday. The legend of the silver screen, although a little rough around the edges, was able to celebrate his first birthday past 100 years, alongside his wife Anne who is 98 years herself.

The two were surrounded by family and friends outside their home, greeting photographers and thanking everyone for showing up.

Kirk and his wife Anne have celebrated 63 years of marriage together, wedding in 1954 after his previous marriage to Diana Douglas, who passed away in 2015 from cancer. Kirk had 4 children (one with Diana, the others with Anne), including Michael Douglas (who went into acting himself), Joel Douglas, Peter Douglas, and Eric Douglas.

Here, Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne Douglas are seen sitting in matching chair walkers outside of their home, with an enormous wreath that reads “101” made out of carnations.

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayBackgrid

Kirk met his wife Anne shortly after his divorce with Diana Douglas and married her in 1964. The two have been together now for 63 years.

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayNYT

Kirk poses with his two sons, Peter and Eric Douglas at his 101st Birthday Bash.

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayMikel Healey

Kirk who is famously known for his role as Spartacus, showed us all that there is power in a democracy. The infamous “I am Spartacus” chant has gone on to become one of the most memorable moments in Hollywood history.

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayUniversal Studios

Here, Kirk Douglas can be seen posing with his two other sons, Michael and Joel Douglas. Michael Douglas followed in his father’s footsteps and went on to pursue his own legendary acting career himself.

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayMichael Douglas | Facebook

Anne and Kirk hold hands as they are presented with a birthday cake with the numbers 101 written on the side with lovely sunflowers painted on the top of the cake. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayMikel Healey

Kirk is ready to blow out the candles on his cake. His friends and wife look on as he makes a big birthday wish!

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayMichael Douglas | Facebook

An older photo shows Kirk posing with his daughter-in-law Catherine Zeta-Jones who married his son Michael in the year 2000.

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayCatherine Zeta-Jones | Instagram

A close-up shot of Michael, Joel and their father Kirk as he celebrates his 101st birthday shows a saga of great characters, father, and sons who have all grown to be fine men of legend.

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayMichael Douglas | Facebook

On January 28th, 1996, Kirk Douglas suffered a massive stroke that left his speech and motor functions impaired. Years of speech therapy helped him gain some of his speech back although it was still limited. Despite this, Kirk has gone on to live until the ripe old age of 101 and is still full of life. Here he is catching a smile with his wife Anne on his birthday.

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayMikel Healey

Last year, Kirk Douglas became a centennial, living to be 100 years old, and celebrated at an elaborate dinner with Steven Spielberg as a guest speaker. This year’s celebrations were not quite as elaborate, however, they were filled with just as much joy as the last.

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayChris Pizzello

Kirk posed with his family and is seen being kissed by his grandchildren. The love this man has from his family is a greater legacy than any he made with his Hollywood career.

Kirk Douglas Celebrates BirthdayCatherine Zeta-Jones | Instagram


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