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Watch This Guy Get Totally Shut Down During An NBA ‘Kiss Cam’

Having someone you have feelings for reject you is humiliating, but having it done in front of an arena full of people is one hardcore dignity plummet. The classic ‘Kiss Cam,’ being the guaranteed recipe for awkward that it is, has produced yet another viral video of a guy getting completely friend-zoned on full display.

1 Twitter / @World_Wide_Wob

Two Houston Rockets fans were in attendance at the final NBA playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs at Houston’s Toyota Center when embarrassment struck. To the tune of The Romantics’ “What I Like About You,” the iconic arena diversion began singling out couples in the arena in hopes for an applause-worthy smooch.

When the heart-framed camera cut to these two Rockets fans, the duo laughed in surprise, but it quickly became clear that she was not as game as he was. After shaking her head “no” to the camera, the girl reluctantly leaned into the guy’s advances only to have his hopeful lips land on her cheek.

The Houston Rockets ‘Kiss Cam’ made matters only worse by throwing on a caution tape graphic with a “Friend Zone” sign. As if this moment wasn’t painful enough for this guy, the video then quickly made its way out of the arena and onto the Internet.

Twitter user @World_Wide_Wob shared the video of the event, writing, “Rockets Kiss Cam just buried this dude LOL.” The tweet went on to receive more than 4,000 retweets and 7,000 likes in just a matter of days.

Most embarrassing moments are fleeting, but this poor guy will probably never live this moment down. Adding more salt to the heartbreak wound, multiple Twitter users have turned screenshots of the video into friend-zone themed memes.

Even though the ‘Kiss Cam’ is only intended to be a light-hearted diversion to the sporting event, there are a number of unlucky individuals who have fallen victim to the camera’s shame spiral.


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