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28 Kitchen Tricks That You Will Want To Try


Whether you’re a culinary genius or you’re one of those people who burns toast, there are probably a couple of tricks and tips that can be used in the kitchen that you didn’t know about before. Whether it be

  • Making a sandwich,
  • Washing the sink,
  • Getting organized.

There are some great hacks out there to make life a little more convenient when you’re working in your kitchen.

Here is a list of 28 awesome kitchen tricks that you’re actually going to want to try! Which one was your favorite?

1. Cut off the tip of a lemon and insert the nozzle from a spray bottle. Now you’ll be able to spritz lemon juice into your dishes while you’re cooking with ease.

2. Stay organized by labeling jars using a strip of chalkboard paint. You can either use a stencil to get a cool design, or paint on a strip and then you’re good to go.

3. Pour your pancake batter into a plastic bottle for an easy mess-free batter dispenser. Make sure the batter is well mixed and get rid of all the clumps.

4. Make a ‘floating knife rack’ by drilling holes into a plank of wood and gluing strong magnets. Then, paint the opposite side with non-toxic paint and your knives will cling to the wall.

5. Make your own meat cleaver by taping a fork to the tip of a hammer like so. Make sure to tape it securely, and to wash the hammer before using it again

6. Did you know that in a pinch you can sharpen your knife blade on the bottom of a tea cup? As long as you find one with the ceramic rim exposed on the bottom, you can swipe your knife across this surface a few times for a sharper cut.

7. Instead of storing your plastic bags in a huge heap or drawer, you can fold them up like this and store them in a plastic container. That way whenever you need a bag you can just pluck one out like a box of tissues.

8. Clean off baked on grease in your oven by shaking down a layer of baking soda, and then spritzing with vinegar. After the two ingredients react together, use a tough sponge or brush to scrape the grime away.

9. Ever struggle to fit two slices of sandwich meat on your bread? All you have to do is cut them both in half and lay them out like this. It seems so obvious now, doesn’t it?

10. Give your microwave a refresh by microwaving a bowl of lemons for a few minutes. When it’s finished remove the bowl and wipe down the microwave and it will be clean and fresh.

11. You can tell how fresh your eggs are by placing them in a glass of water. If you egg floats to the top of the glass it is bad, but when it sinks it’s perfect to eat! An egg that lingers in the middle of the glass is stale, but still okay to eat.


12. Use a pair of tongs to juice your lemons! If you don’t have a lemon juicer this can be a useful tip and it will save your hands from getting covered in lemon juice. The leverage of the tongs will also give you a stronger grip.

13. You can also use lemons to clean your sink! They can help to remove water marks and give your sink and tap an overall shine. Just cut a lemon in half and rub it over the entire surface. Use a cloth to wipe it dry, and you’re done!

14. If you accidentally spill oil or another form of grease onto fabric, you can remove it using cornstarch. Quickly put a patch of cornstarch over the entire spill and allow it to dry. After a few minutes vacuum the cornstarch and brush the debris away and the stain should be gone!

15. Have a clogged sink? Stir together a mixture of baking soda and salt, then dump this down the sink. Next, pour down a glass of warm vinegar. After it reacts and fizzles down, pour a kettle of hot water down the drain and it should be clear!

16. Unhook a paperclip and use it as a bag latch by bending it around the top of your favorite snack wrappers.

17. Cutting up a bunch of cherry tomatoes can be a hassle, but they sure do taste great in a salad. Save yourself some time by cutting them like this. Place your cherry tomatoes onto a plate, and then use another plate to hold them still. Then simply slide the knife between the gap to cut all the tomatoes at once.

18. If you aren’t very good at using chopsticks, this simple hack will be a lifesaver. Cut three holes into a plastic water bottle cap. Two holes big for each chopstick to fit through, and one big enough for them both to fit. Then, insert your chopsticks and you’ll have a tong like device to enjoy your sushi with.

19. Some recipes require you to use either just the whites, or the yolk of the egg. In order to separate them quickly and seamlessly, use a water bottle to suck up the yolk. Simply give the bottle a little squeeze and then hold it over the yolk and release. The egg yolk will be vacuumed up the bottle. Once the yolk is inside, you can release the rest of the pressure to free the yolk.   

20. To heat multiple bowls in the microwave at the same time, place one on the rotating tray, and the other on a glass. The height will allow both dishes to fit.

21. Have you ever ruined a piece of toast or a baked good by burning the bottom? All you have to do to fix this is grate off the charred bits and it will be as good as new!

22. Place a wooden spoon on top of a boiling pot to keep it from boiling over. The wood helps to absorb some of the liquid keeping the pot leveled. 

23. For a cheap DIY lunchbox ice pack, use a frozen sponge! It will last all day and can be washed and used again.

24. Once you’re finished eating a can of Pringles, they work wonders as spaghetti storage. You can even cover them with decorative paper to create custom containers.

25. Use a firm straw to remove the stem of a strawberry. This trick can also be used to help pit a cherry.

26. Wash a wooden cutting board using a lemon and salt. First, rub down the cutting board using half of a lemon. Next, sprinkle with coarse salt and leave this to sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse the cutting board and it will be clean and fresh.

27. Your apple slicer can also double as a potato slicer! Use it to cut thick fries or wedges for a tasty meal.

28. Keep flavourless dental floss handy to help you cut soft foods. It can be used to slice cheese cakes and other soft desserts as well as certain types of cheese.


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