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16 Times Kourtney Kardashian Was Hilarious On Instagram

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The Kardashians are most known for their fashion sense, beauty lines and also for their social media antics. These antics were later developed into a show called Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The show, as the name aptly suggests, features the extensive Kardashian family in Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and the rest of the Jenner clan.

Although they are well known for all the business ventures that they enter, it is actually their sense of humor that has garnered adoration from their plethora of fans.

And no one encapsulates that better than Kourtney Kardashian.

Kourtney regularly goes on social media to post pictures of herself, her sisters and also of her children. But sometimes, she’ll put a cheeky and sarcastic caption just to show you that she has a sense of humor as well.


In this photo, she actually could have played the real-life version of Dora the Explorer. Too bad there isn’t a talking map that could be employed as a sidekick.


When your parent makes an executive decision that you don’t quite agree with, what better punishment than to lambaste them on your social media?


You know someone is genuinely funny when they can be self-deprecating. Despite her notoriety for being glamorous and beautiful, she can still make fun of herself in her captions.


For those who don’t know Kourtney that well, they might assume her caption to be arrogant or prideful. But in actuality, she has a running joke on Instagram where she points out the differences between herself and her supermodel friends.


We all need a good profile picture for social media and those tend to be full-length. So in order for Kourtney to assume that pose, she had to stand on a sofa.


Not only is she able to make a joke at her own expense but she can also poke fun at her silly outfit choices. I’m sure there would be a lot more people wanting to wash their cars if a Kardashian was there!


Even though it was shown that she wasn’t actually on the phone, she didn’t shy away from the publicity and instead agreed with it!


Apparently, Dream isn’t down for selfies with her famous aunt just yet.


When she has to draw the line with a camel. And no, those aren’t imprints or carvings on the camel’s skin. It is supposed to be hair that is cut out in a specific pattern.


When you are able to make fun of yourself for posting gym selfies, but the question remains: did you really work out if social media didn’t see it?


Kourtney has no shame in hiding the fact that she is a tremendous sister to her siblings. And there is no better proof than on a segment of your own TV show.


When you’re so sure you’re right that you have to screenshot a clip of your own television show to show the world that you are so right.


When a sibling doubts your status as a superior sometimes you need to give them a stark reminder of who’s really in charge.


Apparently, the Kardashians are more interested in breast pumps while in Vegas as opposed to the casinos and the night shows.


Sarcasm is always a great tool in the humor tool belt. And you already know Kourtney is going to use it in conjunction with a jab at how she looks without makeup.



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