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In One Minute, Kyle Korver Did The Unimaginable In Basketball

The Atlanta Hawks guard, Kyle Korver’s shooting skills are getting ridiculous. Some people are calling him ‘the best shooter of all time.’

As FiveThirtyEight reports, the Atlanta Hawks guard is set to have to best shooting season in NBA history.

On Monday night, within 65 seconds Korver proved just why he is an unstoppable force in this sport.

The Hawks were in the lead with 56-51, and Korver made a long three-pointer. Then he did it three more times after that. So impressive.

He made all these shots in just over a minute. One of the shots was ruled a two-pointer only because his foot was on the line.

One commenter said ‘You gotta know where the guy is at, or he’s going to make you pay.’ Korver seems to appear near the basket every time with no one in his way.

The other commenter says ‘How about three in a row?’ and Korver makes another basket. The crowd goes crazy, and the commenter says ‘that is why they sell out this building every night, to come see this man shoot the basketball.’ What a game!


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