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Four-Months-Pregnant Kylie Jenner Has Been Dumped By Travis Scott, Allegedly

It appears that Travis has no plans of appearing on their hit television show, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ but he insists that he is indeed in love with her.


However, Kylie is worried about being walked out on while pregnant and the source says that she just feels ‘overwhelmed’ at the moment.


‘She feels overwhelmed right now, but Kylie doesn’t want to talk to her family about it because they judge her. She doesn’t want her family to say ‘I told you so,’ They feel this all went way too fast, and that her relationship with Travis is a mistake.’


However, during an interview with HollywoodLife, one of their sources said that Kylie and Travis are still talking on a regular basis and that they are still together. ‘Travis and Kylie are all good, he’s been away for work a lot lately but they talk all day long. They’re still totally together.’


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