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How Not To Hide Your Pregnancy In An Underwear Ad: A Kylie Jenner Story

The pregnancies in the Kardashian-Jenner clan have managed to become a topic of discussion on a daily basis. Amidst confirmations and speculations, the media just can’t seem to get the reality TV sisters names out of their heads. In their latest modeling campaign, the buzz is back on, and this time, it’s centered around Kylie, the youngest of the posse.

Meet the new faces of Calvin Klein’s “Our Family” campaign, featuring Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. Lounging in their Calvins together, the star sisters are pictured as cozy and laid back as can be. In the first set of photos publicly released since the media speculation of Kylie’s pregnancy, the internet certainly had something to say.

Since reports broke out of her speculated pregnancy with rapper Travis Scott, Kylie has enjoyed her time away from the spotlight, shying away from social media, which is certainly unusual for her. This only gave fans and the media more reason to wonder, with her personal life being kept very quiet as of late.

In the campaign images, there may be blatant reasons to continue speculating. It appears as though, while all the other sisters are front and center, flaunting their picturesque bodies, Kylie appears to be hiding hers. With blankets, oversized denim shirts, and even Khloe’s thigh, her stomach appears to be hidden in every image, which has left people inevitably curious.

kylie jenner hides pregnancyCalvin Klein

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