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Like many geeky children, I was obsessed with the sleuthing adventures of Sherlock Holmes. And one mystery in the press recently is worthy of the great detective’s expertise; namely, where is Kylie Jenner’s baby? According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner is between four and five months pregnant, with boyfriend Tyler Scott as the father. Jenner and Scott are expecting the baby to be born in February, and they’re expecting a baby girl.

Although many in the Kardashian/Jenner family are surprised at the sudden pregnancy, “everyone is really happy for her,” according to anonymous sources close to the family. And the couple is thrilled at the prospect of being parents. “[Jenner] is really excited and so is Travis,” the sources continue. Since Jenner wasn’t ready for people outside her social circle to know until recently, she kept her pregnancy on the DL, hiding her “baby bump” from the world.

But today, we’re not just going over the dry facts of Jenner’s pregnancy. No, we’re playing a game I like to call “Where’s Baby Jenner,” where our eagle-eyed readers hunt to see if they can actually find a hint of the baby! You see, even though Jenner’s five months pregnant, it’s very difficult to find evidence of this alleged child. So, get out your magnifying glasses and your impractical deerstalker caps, because the game’s afoot!

1. Let’s start off easy: In this casual pic, taken ten days before the happy announcement, Jenner could very well be hiding a baby under her loose, comfortable shirt. With her hair up in a soft, messy updo and a bottle of water in her hand, Jenner could be any young mum four months along.

2. Still pretty easy: Recently, Jenner’s been posting most of her social media photos cropped from the chest or shoulders up, so there’s plenty of room to hide a four-months-along baby offscreen. Besides, even if the baby bump was front and center, those killer yellow glasses would provide a suitable distraction on their own.

3. And a little trickier: Even though Kylie’s wearing high-waisted jeans in this one, I’m still not seeing a baby bump or any attempt at concealing one. Really, the only thing that sticks out to me is the on-trend double denim. Perhaps they’re very slimming jeans?

4. Okay, what?: This picture was taken in late August, which must be the explanation for why her stomach looks flatter than the state of Kansas.

5. …and into the completely inexplicable: Sherlock Holmes said that when you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. So, if we eliminate alien conspiracies, Illuminati plots, secret pouches, and really convincing contouring, we’re left with the fact that this photo of Kylie, taken in late August, shows a three-months-pregnant human being.

WHERE IS THE BABY 2Emily Pollock

6. I’m still not convinced: This shot, posted on September 19th, bears at least the reasonable probability that Kylie’s pregnant. She’s wearing an adorable white dress, a style that looks good on expectant mothers and non-moms alike, and there’s at least some room for a baby to be hiding under there.

Emily Pollock

dressEmily Pollock

7. Okay, there it is….I guess?: In this cute, crocheted dress, it’s a little more evident that Kylie Jenner may, in fact, be a human being having a human baby. I guess. Seriously, I’ve had bigger food babies.

Case Notes: We’ve solved the Mystery of the Elusive Jenner Junior, although not without a struggle. Cool outfits aside, I don’t think I’m really cut out to be a famous detective; I’m too easily confused between the improbable and the full-out impossible when drawing my conclusions. (Personally, I’m still going with the alien conspiracy explanation).


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