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Tyga Demands Paternity Test For Kylie Jenner’s Baby


Less than a week since Kylie Jenner’s Baby was born, and there is already drama surrounding it. Ex-boyfriend Tyga is demanding a paternity test, according to The Sun.

For months there was speculation that Kylie was pregnant, but the 20-year-old never confirmed the speculations. But on February 4th, 2018, she broke her silence by posting on Instagram that she had given birth on February 1st to Stormi Webster.

This is Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott’s first child together. Unfortunately, Tyga doesn’t believe that Scott is the father.

The Sun reports that Tyga is seeking a DNA test from Kylie because he believes there is a chance that the child could be his.

Kylie Jenners baby hurricanehank/

According to Tyga, he was apparently sexually active with Kylie nine months ago when the baby was conceived. But as of right now, Scott is listed on the birth certificate of Stormi Webster.

Kylie Jenners baby hurricanehank/

RadarOnline confirms that Tyga claims they were still intimate nine months ago, which would be around May 1st of last year. Although pregnancies vary from person-to-person, the nine-month rule could be enough to put some truth behind his claim.

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In September of last year, when reports first broke about her pregnancy, Tyga was already claiming that the child was his.

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Last April was when Tyga and Kylie split up. She states that there was no big fight between the two; they just decided to end it.


Shortly after the two had split up, she was seen getting really close with rapper Travis Scott at the Coachella festival.


According to reports, the reason why Kylie kept her pregnancy a secret was because she wants to feature it in her new spin-off reality show Life of Kylie. This isn’t a big surprise since the Kardashians are all over social media and television.


On the whole pregnancy experience, Kylie says that it was one of the most beautiful and empowering life changes she has ever gone through.



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