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New Photos Emerge Which Could Prove Kylie Jenner Has Already Given Birth

The past several months have seen a flood of Kardashian pregnancy rumors. It’s been known for a while that Kim is expecting a third baby with her husband Kanye West via surrogate. Recently, Khloe has also announced her pregnancy on Instagram with her boyfriend, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ power forward/center, Tristan Thompson.  

The main question that remains is whether Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy rumors are true. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ve likely noticed a change in her photos. Jenner, who is a fan of the full-body selfies, has conspicuously stopped posting these kinds of pictures. Her feed now exclusively contains promotional photos of her makeup brand, headshots, or pictures of her waist up but always sporting some sort of baggy, figure-concealing top.

Well, of course, that has fuelled rumors that she is trying to keep her pregnancy a secret. Not to mention that it has also become increasingly difficult to spot her out on the town. With social media running amok with Kardashian conspiracy theories, it’s suspicious that the Kardashian/Jenner clan have turned a blind eye to the gossip. Especially because, in the past, the family has been quick to dispel any false rumors about them. All of this has added to the belief that the pregnancy theory is actually true.

In September, the Kylie pregnancy rumors hit an all-time high when photos of her emerged that showed her looking bigger than usual. However, she was wearing a tracksuit, so that may have a part to play. In any case, the photos sparked even more rumors that the 20-year-old is further along than people had originally speculated. 

Since she has not made any public appearances and she was also suspiciously absent from her family’s Christmas card, people are beginning to wonder whether her alleged baby bump has gotten too big to hide or if she’s already had her baby. The Kylie pregnancy rumors are getting so wild that one person actually tried to use the Kardashian Christmas card as evidence that Kylie has given birth. According to the Twitter user, half of the Kardashian/Jenners in the photo are looking away from the camera because they’re smiling at Kylie who is holding her baby behind the scene.

And although a rumor spread that Kylie wasn’t present for her family’s Christmas party, the polaroids tell another story. She appears in photos next to her boyfriend Travis Scott, however, her stomach is also hidden in these photos.

All of that leaves us with three scenarios regarding the Kylie pregnancy rumors: Kylie is either still pregnant, she already had her kid, or she never was pregnant to begin with and this is all some strange publicity stunt. Twitter seems to be convinced that Kylie has already given birth, with dozens of fans claiming that Kylie has given the family an additional member. At this rate, only time (and Kris Jenner) will tell.  

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