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The Latest 2017 Instagram Updates One Should Know


Instagram proves to be one of the top favorite platforms in terms of social networking and photo sharing. Giving a clear signal that it is dedicated to upgrade features, Instagram is announcing many new updates also on a monthly basis.

Compared to many other social media platforms, Instagram offers an ever-increasing value to both individual users and businesses alike. In the latest version of the updated app, Instagram is more streamlined with advanced features. Some of these new advanced features include Shoppable Instagram, Instagram Live and more.

Let’s further discuss a few such updates in detail.

The most recent development on Instagram is Direct, which is a dedicated private messaging space.


Everything is much more streamlined now with shared posts, private messages, and disappearing images and videos, all of which can be shown in the same thread.


The users can access direct messages by simply swiping on to Instagram. On the immediate left to the “write a message” option, you can see an Instagram icon colored blue.


Simply click on this and you can send a disappearing image. If you want to send an image or video, but don’t want it to disappear, simply click on the image icon to the right side.


How does it help? For business users, this unique feature can effectively work to create a feel of urgency and can initiate an action or sales quickly.


Say for example, you can send a unique coupon code or flash sale flyer as an incentive to the real Instagram followers.


The users may be able to reply to the image only once and they may be urged to use it before it expires, which can drive more quick action.


Shoppable Instagram: This feature was announced back in November 2016 and is coming into action now. It is assumed to be a big step by Instagram to support the business / e-com members.


However, the users need not pay anything extra for this feature. It works as simply as tagging a photo with product information.

instagram09Marketing Land

Such posts in turn show up with a “Shoppable” icon beneath the image and will push the users to the “Tap to See Products” option. Users can see pricing and other info about the items there.

instagram10Marketing Land

How does it help? Marketers can effectively make use of this feature to promote their product services through Instagram simply.


When the users click on the product info bubble, they will be taken to a compelling description about the item along with a “Shop Now” option and land on the brand’s site.


Instagram Live: Instagram Live broadcasts are similar to the other leading social networking platforms like Facebook Live. However, lack of permanence is a major downside of it.


You now have the option to save your Instagram Live broadcasts to the camera roll and it can be later uploaded as an ordinary video post.


How do you use it? For marketers, there is a brand new option to broadcast your live events, announcements, interviews etc. as a vital part of video marketing initiatives. There are plenty of other new features also on the way such as multiple image posting, Instagram story ads etc. As Instagram consistently grows as a unique image and video-sharing platform, use of these new features and tools will help the users be at the forefront of your desired audience in a much more effective way.


Author Bio: Walter Moore is a photographer and blog writer, who has a significant number of real Instagram followers. Be sure to check out his website:




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