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Lawmaker Sues New York Because She Can’t Have Intercourse With Her Husband


A NYC assemblywoman at the Queens Courthouse, is suing the state after firing her husband. The reason behind his lawsuit? She’s not getting enough intercourse!

Assemblywoman Michele Titus made the lawsuit when her husband Eric DeBerry was fired from his position as a court officer. The lawsuit in question, files claim that DeBerry was wrongfully terminated, which resulted in problems with intimacy in their marriage.

Michele Titus claimed that the termination gave rise to DeBerry`s stress levels, complicated their marriage and that racial discrimination is to blame for the job dismissal.

Michele Titus was elected to the State Assembly, during an election held in 2002, to replace existing member Pauline Rhodd-Cummings, who died in office.

When serving at the State Assembly, Titus’s husband Eric DeBarry was a court officer for sixteen years, claimed he was fired after telling a civilian to “Shut the [EXPLETIVE] up and mind your own business.” Titus still served in her position after these claims were made.

Titus and DeBerry filed the case, claiming black discrimination was involved in the decision. Deberry claims he never made such curses at the civilian and claims that white officers get by with far worse behavior.

Titus and DeBerry have two children together. Titus claims this job loss has caused trouble of intimacy in their marriage, and makes claim that after all of this her husband is no longer a pleasant person to live with.

Eric DeBerry`s argument is that other officers at the Queens Courthouse have gotten away with worse crimes, citing that their skin color has given them preferential treatment. This, in turn, has caused major problems for DeBerry and Titus in the bedroom. 

The officers DeBerry calls to question, were cited on drug abuse, driving under the influence, and waving guns at people in the streets while drunk. Some of these officers were put on probation or even found not guilty.

The Queens Courthouse where both Michele Titus and Eric DeBerry worked is located in Jamaica, Queens.

Titus and DeBerry declined any comment on the issue, and forwarded their claims through their lawyer. However, they did say that they are working out their issues.


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