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He Uses Fallen Leaves To Create Incredible And Detailed Carvings


Autumn is an incredibly scenic season when the ground becomes decorated with an array of colorful leaves. Once the trees become skeletal, there’s a lot of things people do with the remnants, including:

  • Raking
  • Jumping in piles
  • Collecting
  • Crafts

However, Omid Asadi creates artwork out of fallen leaves in a highly intricate and fascinatingly unique way. His precision and creative talent have led to his work being showcased in exhibits in London, Manchester, and Milan.

Here are 16 works where Asadi has transformed a fallen leaf into an incredible work of art.

Omid Asadi, an artist originally from Iran, was drawn to creating art out of leaves after leisurely drawing on flowers as a child, which prompted his inspiration to use nature for his art.

To create these pieces, Asadi collects specific leaves and then presses them before working to sketch out the design to carve out.

Asadi uses a knife to carefully cut out his design, a process that he says can take between a week and two months to complete.

Considering how delicate the medium Omid works with is, the slightest slip of the hand could end up tearing the entire leaf and destroy hours of strenuous work.

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