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LeBron James Shares Video That Shows His Sons Are Basketball Talents To Keep An Eye On

Basketball player, LeBron James, is one proud father as he shared a video of his two sons showing their skills on the court at a basketball tournament in Birmingham, Alabama. The two clearly take after their father and are talents that basketballs fans should definitely keep an eye on.

LeBron’s sons, 11-year-old LeBron James Jr. nicknamed ‘Bronny’ and 8-year-old Bryce James, showed off some impressive moves at the Battle of Magic City AAU youth tournament that suggest the two will have no problem following their father’s footsteps.

People are already speculating how Bronny is taking after his father with his impressive handles and it looks like Bryce is on his way to become quite a shooter. This isn’t the first time that LeBron has posted a video of his sons playing ball, but it’s clear with each one that the two are only improving in their game.

We can only imagine how intimidating it would be for any kid who has to play against LeBron’s offspring, at one point it appears that Junior’s team is ahead 48-3.

You may notice that LeBron’s sons aren’t wearing their dad’s numbers, LeBron has previously stated that Bronny wears No. 0 after Russell Westbrook and Bryce wears No. 30 after Steph Curry.

LeBron James is happy that his sons have chosen different numbers as he told Dave McMenamin, ‘I love that they crave their own path.’

Bryce and Bronny are certainly getting attention as LeBron James posted the video of them to his twitter account that has over 28 million followers, writing, ‘Them James Boys at it again! #JamesGang #StriveForGreatness’


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