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Less Than 1% Of People Can Get A Perfect Score On This Spelling Test


So, do you think you’re a pretty good speller? Did you ever participate in spelling bees or try your luck at the wheel of fortune when it was on TV? Well, now is your chance to test out those skills.

Sometimes, the English language can be particularly confusing. The way letters are arranged and words are spelled might throw you off! For example, how come the words dear and bear don’t rhyme? They’re one continent off!

And one of the most confusing things is those tricky silent letters. Like, why is there an ‘R’ in the word February?

Let’s put your skills to the test and let’s see if you can make it through this spelling bee. It’s next to impossible to get a perfect score; less than 1% of people actually make it through. Good luck!

1. Question: I’ll start out by giving you a series of words. Your job will be to determine which one out of the four is the word that is spelled correctly. Make sure you take your time and no cheating! No scrolling ahead and no googling. Okay, the first four words are gruesome, febuary, embalance, garantee. Do you know which word is spelled correctly?

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Answer: This one is a pretty easy one considering I already gave you a clue with the word ‘February.’ So if that one isn’t spelled right, which word is? If you guessed ‘gruesome’ you’re totally correct.

2. Question: Okay now things are going to get a little bit harder. Here is the next set of words. Take your time and really think about it! Relevence, Renosance, Pumkin, Postpone. Go for it!

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Answer: Did this one stump you? I thought it might…With the alliteration, you may have thought that one of the words starting with ‘R’ was spelled correctly, but the answer is actually ‘postpone’

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