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A Letter To The Person Sitting In Front Of Her Son On The Airplane

Travelling can be a stressful task. Although the destination is usually desired, the long winding trip through the airport and the hassle of boarding an airplane are all things that a tourist doesn’t want to deal with. But these issues are only compounded when you travel with a child and you don’t have your partner with you.

And that is precisely what happened to this unnamed mother who only penned her letter as ‘a protective and tired mother.’

In her scathing letter, she directed it at the person who was sitting in front of her son on the airplane.

She started off her letter with: ‘I apologize for my son pushing your seat. Traveling can be stressful, and I know that it’s annoying. But with all due respect, would you please sit back down and mind your own business?’

Huffington Post

‘What gave you the right to discipline my 3-year-old son? I am his mother, and I’m pretty sure that’s my job.’

The mother went on to list the problems that the man in front of her son committed. She said that he called her son ‘sweetheart’ because he has long hair.

She continued: ‘the second mistake you made was bringing too much attention to the situation. You have poked the bear, and he now thinks it’s funny to kick your seat. The third mistake you made was pissing ME off by addressing him and not me — your only hope.’

LA Times

She went on to explain how her son has been flying since he was 4 months old and on a total of 32 different planes to be exact.


She also went on to say that over the long holiday weekend she was tired after caring for her son and her family and now she had just spent four hours ‘lugging around his 34-pound body and a seven-pound car seat.’

She continued: ‘not only do I have this stroller to keep up with, but I also have his backpack, his snacks, his pillow, my computer, my purse, his iPad, and our boarding passes.’

In her letter, she doesn’t mention anything about a father, or a partner traveling with them but she also doesn’t identify herself as a single mother.

She wrote: ‘I’ve had to visit the disgusting airport restroom 10 times to ensure he doesn’t wet himself on the plane. I encountered dirty looks and stares while pleading with him to stop screaming “Jingle Bells” at the top of his lungs.’

She went on to say that the plane hadn’t even taken off yet when the man in front of her son decided to stand up and discipline her child.

The mother said that she took away his iPad in an attempt to discipline him but after further contemplation ‘instead of punishing him, I should have defended him.’

‘Had you and your older son not conveniently been bumped up to first class (because our flight was overbooked), I would have. I hope that next time you decide to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, you will think twice.’

She went on to thank the woman who replaced the man’s seat and said that she showed much more ‘kindness and humanity.’

‘My son had kicked your seat multiple times, and yet you smiled. I was worried when you first stood up that, once again, I would be scorned. I was pleasantly surprised when you wanted to see his “adorable face,” as you so pleasantly put it. The way you delicately tickled his feet made him giggle.’

She concluded her letter by calling the anonymous woman her hero and that she helped take ‘a mountain of stress’ off her shoulders.

‘Going forward in life, I will think of you often and remember how you treated my son. I’ll remember that for every crotchety, intolerant person who rolls their eyes, there are also people like you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.’


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