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Miley’s Reaction To Her Boyfriend’s Instagram Post Is As Real As It Gets


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first met on the set of the Nicholas Sparks movie, The Last Song. The pair has since gone through a turbulent ride that is a relationship and has now come to a Neil Lane diamond engagement ring.

They first debuted as a couple in March of 2010 at an Oscars red carpet event. And just like most couples, they like to profess their love to each other via social media.

Although Liam doesn’t post as often as his partner, his most recent post certainly elicited a ton of ‘awws.’

In return, Miley posted a picture of their first kiss nearly 8 years ago in commemoration of International Kissing Day.

On his Instagram, Liam posted a sweet picture of him and Miley with a caption that read: ‘my little angel and I.’


Now many fans of the power couple responded with doting comments such as ‘aww, so cute’ and ‘just get married already’ but it was Miley’s personal comment that went viral.

Miley reportedly wasn’t a fan of the photo and commented: ‘why. This. picture. Lol.’ And you know Miley means it when she uses that many punctuation marks.

Despite their combined celebrity status, not everyone can appear gorgeous, and front-page-worthy all the time.

This just goes to show that relationships (whether on camera, between celebrities, or just between two ‘average’ people) are really just the same.

Since then, the two have reportedly been engaged after Miley was spotted in 2012 with an engagement ring.

But in 2012 of June, the happy couple formally announced their engagement with Miley telling People magazine: ‘I’m so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam.’

Since then, Miley has written and sung numerous songs about her fiancee and the two seem to be happy together.


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