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10 Lies Kids Tell Their Parents


Did you ever come up with some of the most outrageous lies to get out of trouble when you were a kid? Getting into trouble sucks, especially when you’re a kid and you have no say in the punishment. Sometimes coming up with elaborate lies was the only way to squirm your way out of a punishment as a kid.

If you remember telling your parents some outrageous lies when you were young, you’ll love this list.

Here are 10 of the most common lies kids tell their parents.

1. The ultimate lie that kids tell their parents is “I don’t know.” It’s a foolproof way to get out of trouble, especially if you have other siblings you can place the blame on.

If you’ve ever accidentally broken your mom’s most expensive vase, or possibly ate all the cookies in the cookie jar, sometimes the best answer to avoid punishment is a simple “I don’t know.”

2. Admit it, we’ve all procrastinated at some point in our lives, and some of us more than others. Kids hate doing chores, so they will often tell their parents that they’ll finish a chore later just to get them off their back.

Only, later never comes. Clean your room? Mow the lawn? Telling your parents that you’ll do it tomorrow was always the easiest way to squirm out of doing a chore.

3. When a parent notices that their child is spending too much time on the computer or watching TV, they’ll often tell their child to stop or they will revoke their privileges.

The best lie kids use to squirm out of this one is telling their parents that they just started. Most parents will see through this lie, but  it’s always worth a shot!

4. Giving your mom a compliment when you notice that she’s gotten a haircut is always a great way to get on her good side.

Admit it, we all love compliments, especially moms. And if it helps you get out of a particular punishment, why not take advantage of it?

5. If you ever remember begging your parents to get you the latest video game that everyone seemed to have, you’ll remember telling them this lie: that everyone else had it.

The problem with this one is that most parents don’t fall for it, or they don’t care at all. It never hurts to try though, right?

6. Sometimes the easiest way to escape punishment is by blaming it on your sibling. This is a lie that may have gotten some of us into trouble when we were young, but it’s also a lie that worked.

It’s never nice to rat out your sibling, but if it means escaping a punishment, some kids will jump at the chance.

7. Most kids hate doing homework, so if there’s ever a chance that they can avoid doing it, kids will come up with anything.

Do you remember ever lying to your parents and telling them that you didn’t have any homework to do just to avoid doing it?

8. Faking sickness is probably one of the biggest lies we often told our parents when we were kids. Who doesn’t like spending a school day in bed and watching their favorite cartoons?

Sick days are sometimes the best days. This lie is probably one of the lies that kids use most. Do you remember telling this lie when you were young?

9. Did you ever steal change from the change jar at home or even “borrow” a one dollar bill from your mom’s or dad’s wallet to buy candy when you were a kid?

I think we all are probably guilty of that, and in the off-chance that a kid is confronted about it, most of them will lie. It’s only a couple dollars, right?

10. When a parent tells their kid that they’re not allowed to do something, one of the most common lies kids tell is that their other parent said they could.

Most of the time a kid won’t get away with it, but it’s always worth a shot!


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