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12 Lies Women Hear From Men All The Time


Twitter’s trending hashtags are the modern place where hilarity is born. It’s the place where people get to bond over “relatable” common problems, jokes or everyday observations. One of the Hall of Fame trending hashtags is #LiesMenTellWomen, but mostly because of how hilariously exaggerated the anecdotes are.

Through this hashtag, both women and men opened up to talk about the common lies they know men tell. Mind you, not all men are liars, but those who are might find themselves relating to more than one of these items in the list.

So, if you’re a man and you’re not a liar, you shouldn’t feel burnt or targetted by this list. But if you are a liar, then hey, I guess it’s time you did your dirty laundry!

Here are 12 common lies men tell women, according to Twitter:

1. When he tells you he loves doing things with you more than he loves his favorite sport or hobby. In fact, when he tells you he loves you more than something he’s been doing his whole life. Chances are he’s just being nice by making that comparison!


2. When he tells you that you cook better than his mother. Even if you went to culinary school or spent your whole adult life working in the food industry, your cooking will probably never live up to his mom’s. 


3. According to this user, lying happens when a man you don’t know tells you he’s single. This could just be because men are really bad at telling when they can call their partner a girlfriend, or maybe it’s something else. We wouldn’t read too much into this one!


4. Women get a bad rep for being bad with directions, but men just don’t like to admit that they don’t know where something is (even if they’ve never been there). This user on Twitter summed up the lie with “I know how to get there.”


5. When he tells you he “doesn’t mind” your friends, it’s probably a lie. Think about it. Would you rather spend time with your friends or your partner’s? Exactly.


6. When he tells you he showered that day, even though you caught a whiff of something weird and bodily odor-ish. It’s even worse when they’re gym-goers and the smell of sweat is everywhere!


7. When he tells you he doesn’t mind a sudden change of plans in your schedule, forcing him to cancel poker night with the boys. He won’t be happy that he has to tell his friends he can’t make it to the get-together because of you! But he won’t tell you that.


8. When he tells you he doesn’t know why his ex is texting him and that she’s crazy/a psycho. This is not only most likely a lie, but when men call their exes “crazy” that’s a red flag. It’s even more of a red flag when they call ALL of their exes crazy.


9. When he gives you a poorly-worded apology that makes it sound like he’s sorry for getting caught instead of being sorry for what he did and how it hurt you. This one is a pretty heartbreaking lie, to be honest.


10. This user brings up a fair point. Another lie men tell is basically any lie a woman tells! Lying isn’t something that only one gender does. We’re all guilty of trying to get away with things we shouldn’t.


11. Another popular lie men tell women is “I love chick flicks!” The truth is, they’re not the target audience, so they don’t have to enjoy romantic movies. It’s okay, men, we know you don’t actually like The Notebook.


12. Bonus lie: “I only drank THIS much liquor last night!” When men (and women!) get specific to the milliliter about how much alcohol they ingested the night before, pound the alarm. It’s probably a lie.



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